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Surfers are natural lifeguards

The ocean can be dangerous, but so is crossing the road. Just as your mum taught you to look both ways before crossing, there are things that you can learn about the ocean that will make your time at the beach more enjoyable and safer. First of all, recreational swimmers should not be swimming where […]

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rent surfboards from Skyla's surf school phuket

What board is best for you?

Surfboards come in all different shapes and sizes, so what’s good for me, you may ask?  Depending on what type of wave you’re going to ride and its size has a huge influence on what you will ride. It also depends on your surfing ability. For a beginner it’s common to jump on a ‘foamy’, […]

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surfing in Phuket

Cocooned by the barrel

My eye meets the reflection of the setting sun as a glassy rolling wave approaches. A quick turn and I effortlessly glide onto the motion of the peaking wave. My feet land in position, knees bent, and my focus is now down the line of this long sparking aqua colored surge. My brain in a trance-like […]

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surfing wipeout Skyla's surf school

It’s okay to wipeout

When a child takes a fall, the first thing they do is look to an adult to gauge their reaction. If the adult responds with a worried look, going in for the comfort hug, the kid nine times out of ten will take that as a sign to burst into tears and get upset. On […]

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It’s your community!

Surfing has different aspects, but one factor that gets overlooked is how surfing can be, and is, a social fabric that gives a community much more than it realises. For the past 15 years, surfing has been slowly developing in Phuket and wider Thailand, especially due to the efforts and motivation of a few individuals […]

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Phuket waves

Watching The Waves

Too many times will you see a surfer on dry land bragging to their mates about a particular day where the waves were huge and clean, and how they caught the biggest wave of their life, performing an awesome manoeuvre just like they saw on TV. To top it off they just happened to be […]

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The Attraction Of Surfers

The glowing brown skin, care free attitude, fun approach to life, why wouldn’t you want to date a surfer? I remember growing up through high school and the best surfers had the hottest girls in school. Every afternoon I’d see them out surfing while their girlfriend waited on the beach watching them. I always thought, […]

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