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Dating A Surfer

The glowing brown skin, care free attitude, fun approach to life, why wouldn’t you want to date a surfer?

I remember growing up through high school and the best surfers had the hottest girls in school.

Every afternoon I’d see them out surfing while their girlfriend waited on the beach watching them. I always thought, ‘Wow, these guys have nailed it, they just do what they love, surfing while their sexy girlfriend follows them around and waits until they’re finished.’

Not to mention that these guys were sponsored, so they had the latest boards and clothing, and always seemed to be having the most fun.

As I’ve gotten older and travelled the world, I still see these surfer relationship traits. The waves become the priority of the holiday, so if one person in the relationship doesn’t surf then they are left hanging around until the session is over.

In the last 10 years particularly, we have seen more and more girls getting amongst the action and surfing themselves, and in some cases we now see a role reversal where the guy is left waiting.

Whether you are a guy or girl, its inevitable – if you date a surfer you have to come to the realisation that if the waves are pumping this will always come first, so if the swell is on the rise don’t plan any romantic lunches.

Now, not all surfers are brown skinned and toned, but each of them do posses this outlook which resembles fun, adventure and enjoying life.

It can be very attractive to be with a surfer, but unless you enjoy and want to spend time on the beach yourself, choosing where to go on your next holiday will always bring up tension.

A surfer will always have a special connection with the ocean but partners don’t be jealous – they love you too.

Tim Campbell

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