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How to wipe out correctly

How to wipe out correctly

We have all watched those videos of surfers taking off on what can only be called ‘ridiculously big waves’.

You watch as half way down the face of the wave, the surfer is bumped or they lose control, putting them into a situation where they really don’t want to be. Now for the viewer, it’s great entertainment. Seeing that surfer free fall 10 feet and smash into the bottom of the wave only to be picked back up & rolled back to the top of the waves lip and once again thrown down like a sack of potatoes. Like I said, great entertainment!

In some situations you can’t help how you get wiped out by the wave. But most times you can avoid hurting yourself & others by following these steps:

  1. Jump away from your board so it won’t hit you and jump as if you are jumping into shallow water by not fully extending yourself.
  2. Try and go bum first, minimising the chance of hitting the bottom. NEVER go head first!
  3. Cover your head as you hit the water and don’t come to the surface too quickly as you might hit your board on the way up.
  4. When on the surface, re-gather your board quickly so it’s not flopping around. You can do this by pulling on your leash, bringing the board close to you.
  5. Most importantly, stay calm & relax.


Wiping out is a part of surfing, but practicing and using these tips will be a lot safer.

Tim’s Tip:

Keep your eyes forward when on the wave. This will help with your balance and keep you standing up longer.

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