surf therapy

Surf Therapy

Surf Therapy

‘Missed your alarm and late for work, traffic jams on the bypass rd make you even later. You arrive to work to find some of your staff have decided to not show up and then looking on your desk you find a pile of unpaid bills.’

Maybe not an everyday scenario but i’m sure everyone has experienced days like this. Life can throw us a flurry of things which makes us want to explode.

Now some people punch a boxing bag to relieve that stress, others go to the gym. For me, well the big blue is a magical place that takes your heavy stress and substitutes that feeling to floating on a cloud of peace. Once you jump in that water you are instantly transformed. As you sit waiting for the next set of waves to roll through, you splash your hands in that silky water and gaze out across the vast tranquil landscape and try to reflect on your day, it has now somewhat been distorted. WOW the stress is gone and i feel light, my worries now seem a world away. You sit contently on your board you don’t even care if you don’t catch a wave because your so engulfed and memorized by the beauty around you. Who would have thought surfing could be therapy!


Tim’s Tip: Scrape the old wax off your surfboard and re apply new, your feet will grip your board better.


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