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Surfing, It’s not what you think!

Surfing, It’s not what you think!

Surfing to most people is a recreational activity that can only be attempted by experienced waterman or the insane.

Originating centuries ago from Polynesian cultures, Surfing especially over the last 30 years has grown in popularity to now being considered for the Olympic Games.

In some countries such as Australia & Brazil surfing is viewed as a lifestyle while other countries like Thailand view it as an alternate & scary past time.

Surfing In Thailand

Where there is ocean & land you will get waves & Thailand is no exception. Not known for its perfect shape or size, Thailand still hosts some amazing surf spots with waves that are equally as fun to ride than anywhere else in the world.

Surfing hit the shores of Thailand about 20 years ago when odd backpackers we’re travelling to get their dose of South East asian culture & surprisingly found that they could surf. Since then travellers have continued to share the art of surfing with the locals which has naturally grown into what it is today.

Local & Ex-pat residences of Phuket are starting to find that Surfing is not a crazy mans sport but actually offers many benefits personally & for the community.

With now surfboards being found for rent or sold on most of Phuket’s beaches its not hard for people to gain access to their next adventure.

Surfing In Phuket

Phuket’s Surf Season has kicked off so now is your chance to experience all the action for yourself & your family.

Phuket now has a growing surf community & there are many key surfers who are contributing to its positiveness & healthy future. Some examples of these are free beach & ocean education for local families, fundraising for sustainable community projects & creating a positive mentor culture for the up & coming youth.

 Young or old, male or female all surfers share one thing in common & that is the sublime satisfaction of just being in the ocean & experiencing the exciting thrill of riding a wave.

Surfing encourages the individual to live an outdoor lifestyle as well as it being a physical sport that gives huge health benefits. Surfers are naturally considerate to the environment treating the beach & ocean like its their own backyard. Surfers are not just people with long hair or nothing to do, they are doctors, architects, shop assistants, cooks, cleaners & even politicians. If you don’t know a surfer already theres a good chance that very soon you will.

 Happy Surfing!

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